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Centro Argentino DFW
Centro Argentino DFW
Established in 1996 - IRS 501 (c)(4)


Originally, the Argentine Center was a simple organization: a steering committee that organized meetings and events, with everything that such a big task demands. But gradually certain members of the Center expressed their interest in promoting various activities more or less autonomously, but always within the objectives of our statutes.

In a period of about two or three years several groups were formed and came to become the backbone of our organization.

Dinner & Movie


The group meets the first Friday of every month except January, July and December. After enjoying delicious 'empanadas' and a little sweet, we play a movie of Argentinean origin Ibero-American origin. The movies are generally closed captioned in English, so that our English speaking friends do not lose the thread of the plot.


Admission to this event is just to cover the cost of the venue; this is a good opportunity to meet people, make friends and, why not, to join the Center and be part of this wonderful community.

Book Society


The Book Society meets several times a year. During the meetings we present a book or reading material for discussion, or a play to read is performed and occasionally a topic of interest is presented.


Admission to this event is just to cover the cost of the venue; this is a good opportunity to meet people, make friends and, why not, to join the Center and be part of this wonderful community.



The theater group is a group of members of the Center working to present a play of indigenous character at least once a year.


It all started with an idea of Dr. Pedro Páez in early 1997. Peter proposed to form a group to present plays. The answer took a while to arrive, and the initial group of 8 or 9 continued to grow to almost 20 between actors, actresses and those who met other functions.

The theater group requires constant renewal. If you like any of the activities related to theater, either as part of the cast or simply to fulfill a function off stage, please contact us.



In 1988 a group was formed under the leadership of Carmen Peffley, in order to preserve and promote traditional music and dances of Argentina, both for the group as well as for the community of the area was formed.


For different circumstances their members went their separate ways, but we offer guidance to our members about dance groups in the area.

We believe that the appreciation of this aspect of our culture promotes rapprochement with one another, our descendants and friends.



The 'tango' group was formed by initiative of Henk Zijderveld, whom with his wife Beatriz began teaching 'tango' to a group of young enthusiasts of that music.


The sad passing of Henk led his students to take different paths, but some have followed his footsteps and now dance tango professionally. The Center can guide anyone interested to contact any of these professionals if interested in learning to dance 'tango'.



The Argentinean Consulate in Houston periodically sends information relevant to the various Argentine organizations in the region, including dates at which the Consulate's staff will visit the city so that they can manage paperwork. This information is distributed by the Center to its members and friends.


The Center also reports, and sometimes participates, in events of other organizations of Latinamerican community in the Metroplex.

And if you need to find out where to buy good 'yerba mate', we can also help.

Main Activities
Secondary Activities
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