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Centro Argentino DFW
Centro Argentino DFW

A Word from the President Elect

Canal del Tigre (Buenos Aires)

Beginning of a new year, time to give thanks.

First we must thank our President, Alberto Ianarello, and the Commission 2015 by the brilliant work management this year, highlighting the incredible work of Estella Prettelin, Javier Mazon and Jorge Gak, and the participation of José Castro Frenzel, José Maza and Juan Gentile.

We also thank those responsible for the Book Society, Ivonne and Horacio Marull; DInner & Movie, Manuel Ramirez; and the Center's publications, Ignacio Pujana for the extraordinary work in the organization and publication of events, and we look forward to continue working with them this year.

We appreciate the valuable collaboration of Mary Tripp in the organization of our classic parties, and the participation of Gentile and Susi Betty Lopez and families who have donated baskets for our raffles.

We thank each of the presidents of the Center since its founding 20 years ago, the list included permanently in our website. Each one of them was instrumental in bringing the Center to what it is today.

And finally, we thank our members and friends. We could not have turned 20 years without the support of all of you.

We believe it is appropriate to emphasize the purpose of this organization now, and for that we refer to the statute of the Argentine Center. As the statute indicates, our organization is focused on Argentinean and Latin American culture, and this will continue this year and the next 20 years.

We will continue playing movies on the first Friday of every month and our cultural nights we named the "Book Society", although they go and will continue to go well beyond its mere name. We will further promote activities of other organizations, and these organizations promote our activities.

To celebrate our birthday, save the date on Saturday July 9 and prepare your dress or suit for the gala party we will celebrate at the Hackberry Creek Country Club in Las Colinas.

We do not want to promise more than we know we can accomplish, but be assured that we listen carefully and sincerely hope to fulfil the wishes of many of you. But we need your help in the following:

Renew your annual fee, and if it is not already a member, join now. The value of the fee is no more than a dinner at a restaurant, but it represents the desire to belong to something greater than yourself.

Attend the Assembly on Friday, Feb. 5 will be held at 18:30 hours, one hour before playing the movie of the month, to elect members of the Commission for this year, and we need volunteers .

Being a member of the Commission does not require as much effort as it seems, and we have done can certainly say that it is a rewarding experience.

We wish you all a happy 2016.


Daniel Schmidt

President, Centro Argentino 2016


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