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Centro Argentino DFW
Centro Argentino DFW

Friday April 1st: Dinner & Movie

El viento (flier)

Dear Members and Friends,

Our traditional Dinner & Movie will be held on April 1st, where we will play the film 'The wind'.

Original title: El viento

Year: 2005

Duration: 100 min.

Country: Argentina

Language: Spanish, closed captioned in English

Director: Eduardo Mignogna

Script: Eduardo Mignogna, Graciela Maglie

Fotography: Marcelo Camorino

Cast: Federico Luppi, Antonella Costa, Pablo Cedrón, Esteban Meloni, Mariana Briski, Ricardo Díaz Mourelle, Hernán Jiménez

Genre: Drama.


The intent, guilt and the pursuit of happiness are the focus of the story of Frank (Federico Luppi), a farmer from Patagonia who never left his people. The death of his daughter will take you to Buenos Aires to meet his granddaughter Alina (Antonella Costa). (FILMAFFINITY)

The place is as always the Holiday Inn Express Hotel, located at 4355 Beltway Drive, Addison, TX (MAP).

The movie starts at 7:30 PM, but come a bit early to enjoy empanadas and drinks which will be sold at reasonable prices.

Come join us.


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