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Centro Argentino DFW
Centro Argentino DFW

Argentina-Texas Chamber of Commerce Announcement

Argentina-Texas Chamber of Commerce Logo

Dear Centro Argentino,

It is my pleasure to announce the incorporation of the Argentina-Texas Chamber of Commerce as an 501 (c) (6) independent, non-government, non-for-profit, voluntary membership organization in the State of Texas on Feb 17, 2016.

Our mission is to serve, facilitate and promote investing, economic, educational, networking and trading opportunities between the State of Texas and the Republic of Argentina by acting as a catalyst for a successful and productive business environment and partnership.

The chamber promotes opportunities between Argentina – the 3rd Latin American Economy – and Texas – 12th largest economy in the world – for the following business sectors:

- Agribusiness - Logistics - Mining - Health - Energy - Science - Technology - Manufacturing - Aerospace - Tourism - Infrastructure - Education

- Engineering - Retail - International trade - Real Estate

The chamber serves a specific segment which has no other supporting business development organizations nowadays. The strategic need of a new entity is supported by size and history of the US-Argentina 40$ Billion commercial relationship, that grew 100% in the last 10 years, where Texas became a key player that manages 5$ Billion through its ports (20% of the US-Argentina Trading) and hosts 10 Large Argentinean Corporations subsidiaries, 50+ Argentinean-owned small business and Headquarters of main US Corporations with operations in Argentina.

As a key player in the Argentina-Texas business landscape, we would like your organization to be part of this exciting endeavor.

We look forward to welcoming you in this historic milestone.

Warm Regards, Ariel Sztern

President Argentina Texas Chamber of Commerce - “Business in Action”


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