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Centro Argentino DFW
Centro Argentino DFW

Friday August 5th: Dinner & Movie

Who says it's easy? (flier)

Dear Members and Friends,

Our traditional Dinner & Movie will be held on August 5th, where we will play the film 'Who says it's easy?'.

Original title: Quién dice que es fácil?

Year: 2007

Duration: 108 min.

Country: Argentina

Language: Spanish, closed captioned in English

Director: Juan Taratuto

Script: Pablo Solarz

Fotography: Marcelo Iaccarino

Cast: Diego Peretti, Carolina Peleritti, Laura Pamplona, Carlos Portaluppi, Eugenia Tobal, Guillermo Toledo

Genre: Romantic Comedy


Aldo does not intend to change his life, he has everything under control. He is obsessive; he controls his employees, controls his neighbors, controls the walls of his house, control his diet, controls the VCR, remote controls, controls the gas. Who would fall for a man like him? Andrea spent the last fifteen years traveling the world, accumulating experiences. She is pregnant and does not know who the father of her child is. She feels she not need anything else. Who would fall for a woman like her? But something is about to change for both. Suddenly something gets in the life of both: love ... (FILM AFFINITY)

The place is as always the Holiday Inn Express Hotel, located at 4355 Beltway Drive, Addison, TX (MAP).

The movie starts at 7:30 PM, but come a bit early to enjoy empanadas and drinks which will be sold at reasonable prices.

Come join us.


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