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Centro Argentino DFW
Centro Argentino DFW

Saturday August 20th: The Book Society

Middle of the World (photo)

Dear Members and Friends,

On this occasion, Mr. Ivan Miño will talk about "Ecuador, a country with contrasts". The event will take place on August 20th.

"Ecuador, despite being a small country, with no more than 300 thousand square kilometers and 16 million people, has a great geographic and human diversity.

My presentation was based on information from the four regions of the country: Galapagos, La Costa, the Amazon region and the Andean region.

I will show a 5 minutes DVD on San Cristobal Island, which I visited in May 2016.

I will show a DVD of the great craftsmanship of the Coast (the Paja Toquilla hat or Panama hat).

I will speak about the Amazon Waorani, a group of people living in the YASUNI region, which is the most biodiverse region on the planet.

Regarding the Andean region I will speak about the greatest painter of the twentieth century Osvaldo Guayasamin and his contribution to Ecuadorian and world art. I will show several copies of his paintings".

Ivan Miño

The place will be the Holiday Inn Express Hotel, located at 4355 Beltway Drive, Addison, TX (MAP).

The meeting will begin at 7:30 pm with dinner and the presentation will begin as soon as we finish dessert. Bring a dish to share.

IMPORTANT: in order to comply with the regulations of the new administration of the hotel, Centro Argentino WILL NOT SERVE WINE, and we ask our members and friends NOT TO BRING WINE or any alcoholic beverage. Centro Argentino will serve water, sodas and coffee at no cost.

Come join us.


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