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Centro Argentino DFW
Centro Argentino DFW

A Word from the President 2019

Bruch de Navidad

Centro does not leave!

Many will wonder where Centro Argentino is or if it is still operating. I can tell you that it took a nap to return renewed and energized to face a new stage.

As a kickoff, we will resume the events of Dinner & Movie and the Book Society.

We already have dates for our "big" events: Independence Gala will be celebrated on Saturday, July 6, and Christmas Bruch will be celebrated on Sunday, December 8.

A group of members already took the initiative to rebuild the Theater group. It is already rehearsing and Centro Argentino will support them 100% in the project.

We want to promote the learning of our traditional dances. We are looking into the possibility of getting discounts at the dance academies for our members.

We recognize that the way we communicate has changed, so we are going to put more emphasis on social networks so that people know what we do or want to do.

In summary, "Centro does not leave!". We will continue to serve the Argentine and Latin American communities of the Metroplex.


Daniel Schmidt

CADFW President 2019


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