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Centro Argentino DFW
Centro Argentino DFW

Saturday June 1st: The Book Society

Horacio Quiroga (photo)

Dear Members and Friends,

Our first meeting of this cycle will be on July 1st at 7:30 PM. Luis Alberto Crespo, PhD will speak on the subject "Texas, the country that never was". We will return to the Venetian Room of the Bonaventure Building, located at 5200 Keller Springs Road, Dallas, TX (MAP).

"Many countries during the eighteenth, nineteenth and twentieth centuries were born and died, merged and fragmented, especially during wars.

Texas was no exception, born on March 2, 1836, just after the decisive battle of San Jacinto, where the Mexican army capitulated and agreed to its independence.

The presentation will try to answer why the Republic of Texas did not remain independent and was annexed in 1845."

The meeting will begin with dinner and the presentation will begin as soon as we finish dessert. Please call Ms. Ivonne Marull (469) 544-6605 to RSVP as posible before Thursday May 30th.

Ladies bring a dish to share, their partners bring a wine, and people coming alone bring a dessert. Please remind Ms. Ivonne what are you thinking in bringing, so to have the appropriate variety of dishes and desserts.

The Bonaventure building is private property, so the visitor parking is limited. Arriving at the gate of the parking lot, simply tell the guard you are bring food to the Venetian Room. This way you can simply enter the premises and park in spaces for visitors. If you require assistance to park, you can use the Valet Parking service provided by the building.

To cover the costs of the lounge and the valet parking, you will be kindly requested a collaboration of $5 for members and $10 for non-members. If you have not yet paid the 2019 annual fee, we invite you to do so at that time and take advantage of the membership discount.

Come join us.


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